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AxoGraph Scientific Software

Data Acquisition, Analysis and Graphics

AxoGraph is an essential tool for busy research scientists. It provides an intuitive, efficient way to acquire and analyze time-series data, and a direct route to publication quality graphics.

A wide variety of analysis features and graph styles are available. Analysis can be automated, extended or customized. Graphs can be exported to presentation and page layout programs.

A simple yet sophisticated data acquisition system records electrical signals directly into a graph window. It features...

  • digital chart recorder
  • digital oscilloscope with test pulse
  • protocol-driven acquisition
  • real-time analysis as data is acquired

AxoGraph is available for both Mac OS X (10.4 to 10.9) and Windows (XP, Vista and 7, 32 and 64 bit).

Easy to Use

AxoGraph has a clean, intuitive user interface. Designed by an active research scientist and refined over years of laboratory use, it places frequently used features at your fingertips. It excels at browsing, organizing and analyzing graphs with multiple traces.

Keeps Getting Better

Development of AxoGraph began in 1990, and it is being used today in research labs around the world (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Salk, NIH, Max-Planck, ENS, NIPS, ANU, etc.). A complete rewrite begain in late 2011 which will rejuvenate and future-proof AxoGraph. Many new and improved features are planned for 2012 and beyond.

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