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The AxoGraph Store is Offline

Thanks for your interest in purchasing AxoGraph. Unfortunately, our e-commerce partner is experiencing a technical issue (as of Wed 3rd August)

We expect this to be resolved in a few days. Please check back later.

If you urgently require an AxoGraph activation code, please contact [email protected]

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Clicking "Buy Now" transfers you to our secure online store, which accepts all major credit cards, purchase orders, wire transfers, checks or money orders. Offline orders are also accepted via phone (+1 510-658-5244) or fax (+1 510-652-6589). The store is operated by Kagi, a trusted e-commerce company.

Configurations License for Price US$ More Info
AxoGraph Office Pack (analysis and graphics) 2 computers $590 images/Buy Now
AxoGraph Office Pack + Electrophysiology Tools 2 computers $990 images/Buy Now
AxoGraph Lab Pack (Office Pack + data acquisition) 3 computers* $1,490 images/Buy Now
AxoGraph Lab Pack + Electrophysiology Tools 3 computers* $1,890 images/Buy Now

*One data acquisition (lab) computer and two offline analysis computers.

All configurations come with the guarantee of technical support and free maintenance upgrades.
Minimum system requirement Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP or later.

Contact us, [email protected], with questions about price or configuration.
Contact our e-commerce partner, [email protected], with questions about the status of your order.

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Software development service: customization of AxoGraph by an experienced consultant

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AxoGraph Scientific is based in Sydney, Australia.
We do not offer phone support.
Sales Enquiries: [email protected]
Tech Support: [email protected]