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Technical Support

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Write to Us

Send bug reports, feature requests, complaints and suggestions to support@axograph.com

You will receive a personal answer directly from a friendly AxoGraph X expert, often within hours of receipt. Registered customers are entitled to unlimited technical support via e-mail.

We do not offer phone support because of problems caused by international time-difference
(AxoGraph Scientific is based in Sydney, Australia).

Bug Reports

Please follow these simple guidelines...
  • use point form
  • describe the lead-up steps, then the problem (see sample below)
  • where possible, attach a file that helps demonstrate the problem

Sample bug report (an actual report from beta 15)
  1. Open the attached file
  2. Select 'Analyze -> Convert to Histogram'
  3. In the dialog, set style to 'Probability Density Function' and bin width to 10 pA.
  4. A new amplitude distribution graph appears
  5. Select 'Utilities -> Trace Transforms -> Integrate Front Group'
  6. A cumulative probability graph appears
  7. This graph should peak at 1, but the final point is > 1

Suggestions and Feature Requests

Do you find a feature of AxoGraph X confusing or difficult to use? Can you see a way that it could be improved? If so, please let us know. Constructive suggestions are always welcome.

Is something missing from AxoGraph X? All feature requests will be considered. If the proposed feature will benefit many users, then it will be added to our to-do list at no charge.

Software Development Service

AxoGraph X is extraordinarily flexible. Analysis can be automated, and existing features can be customized using the built-in programming environment. Typically, only a few lines of code are required. We encourage customers to explore AxoGraph's programming environment for themselves, but recognize that a steep learning curve is involved. For this reasons, we offer a cost-effective software development service.

Customization or automation of existing features, or the development of more complex features can be performed by a software consultant specializing in AxoGraph plug-in programming. Competitive hourly rates are charged for this service, and quotes can be supplied on request.

For more information, click here or contact support@axograph.com.